Prosperity depends on good deeds

SHAFAQNA – Islamic teaching wants to introduce the fact that human’s destiny depends on his/her own deeds. Islam says: O’ human being, your prosperity depends on your deeds, your adversity also depends on your actions. What are the basis of human’s actions? His own will and determination. As a result, human being is a creature who is dependent on himself and his own behaviour and personality.

Do you think, it is a joke when the human being is told in Ayah 39 of Surah Najm: “For human being there is nothing except what he has attained by his efforts and deeds.” This is said in a surprisingly limited way: Human being is the factor for movement, the factor for awareness, vision and the ability [1].

[1] Martyr Morteza Motahhari’s Book Collection, Vol. 25, page 450.

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