Protest in Berlin for Bahrainis in front Bahraini embassy

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) – With Coinciding of elections (parliamentary) started abroad on Tuesday, 18 November, Bahraini community in the German capital Berlin organized a sit-in in front of the Embassy of the Al- Khalifa regime, for confirmation of the boycott of the elections, and rejected the AL-Khalifa’s project, which made by accused tyranny and seek to target indigenous citizens in the country.

Bahrainis launched in front of the embassy in Berlin, of the popular referendum with participation of the community there, and where detainees leaders image and slogan  “the right to self-determination”, and called on the United Nations to respond to the demand of Bahrainis to self-determination.

The sit-in was attended by a number of German media, including the ARD channel and DW.




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