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Protest rally in Kargil against the execution of Sheikh Baqir Nimr

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

A protest rally was organised in Kargil against Saudi regime, who is in a intention to execute the Shiite revolutionary leader Ayatollah Sheikh Baqir Nimr….. who had been kidnapped two years ago by Saudi security forces.

Since then, Sheikh Nimr has been in jail. The rally was organized by Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) Kargil, thousand of people across the town participated in the rally and chant slogan against Al-Saud Regime ( the Wahabies ) besides America and Israel.

Vice Chairman IKMT ( Mulana Qarrari) briefed the life of Ayatullah Nimr saying he is an independent Shia leader from Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

He is a key proponent of equal rights for Shia and Sunni (Hanafi, Sufi) Muslims of Saudi Arabia who currently are treated as second class citizens in the Salafi-Wahhabi dominated Saudi Kingdom.

He is also a key proponent of women’s rights and minority rights in Saudi Arabia.

Chairman IKMT Sheikh Lutfi condemned the death sentence by the Darbari Court of Saudia Arab and appealed global humanity to spoke against the malice and barbarism.

He also appealed Govt. of India to pressurizes Saudi Arab Govt. to free the Saudi leader Sheikh Nimr.

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