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Protesters in Brussels: Al Saud, fueling the fire of sectarian strife in the world

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – Gathering of the sons of the Arab and Islamic country organized a sit-in at noon on (October Wed. 22) in front of the headquarters of the Embassy of  al-Saud in the Belgian capital, Brussels, in protest against the unjust sentence issued by the court and the judge to execute Saudi cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. The protesters chanted slogans condemning the Saudi regime, and repressive policies, also condemned his support for terrorist organizations in the world, they warn authorities of the consequences of execution of the Sheikh Nimr, which reveals the nature of Al-Saud, “the bloody,” according to the protesters.

It is noteworthy that this verdict sparked a wave of indignation and condemnation around the world, and comes at a time when the region is witnessing sectarian tensions would not lead such a verdict, but to escalate, according to observers.

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