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Protests against Baqir Al Nimr’s death sentence in Saudi Arabia

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Protests and demonstrations carried out across Saudi Arabia against the death sentence to renowned religious scholar Ayatollah Sheikh Baqir A Nimr. Meanwhile world has condenmend the death sentence and censored this decision of Saudi Government.

Islamic republic of Iran and deputy foreign minister Hussaain Ameer Abudl Leyhan said that if this news is true, it would further detrroriate ties between two countries.

He urged Saudi government to act responsibly and avoid any such act that hurts entire Muslim community. Famour Iraqi religious scholar Ayatollah Sestani also condemned the decision and said that Iraqi president should play his role to force Suaid Government to take back this decision.  Family of Ayatollah Baqir Al Nimr said that everyone who opposes Al.e.Saud is declared as culprit.

Sheikh Baqir Al imr has raised his voice against human rights violation by Saudi Government. He struggled to change the education system and for the rights of Shiite minority in the country. Therefore he was arrested and declared culprit.

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