Protests for Democracy VS calls for Genocide

SHAFAQNA IN COLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD SHIA FORUM – There are mass demonstrations for a peaceful protest. The protesters want Democracy. Even though the protesters are predominantly from one Muslim sect, the protests are not couched in sectarian language. A massive crackdown occurs. The protesters who have been the indigenous inhabitants of this Arab Muslim country for over a millennia are brutally cracked down. There are visible leaders who belong to this Arab country who are either assaulted to death or thrown in jail.

Other Arabs from a neighboring country who are sympathetic to these protests are also arrested and promptly executed. The world knows their names and their peaceful backgrounds but does nothing. A superpower sends its full military support while two sectarian countries, including Pakistan send armed support to crush the peaceful protests.

Not one suicide bomb has gone off as protestors rot in jail, 5 years after being crushed. The places of worship that were subsequently destroyed included belong to the Majoritarian sect here and wee destroyed by the ruling dictator regime. A regime that is the client state of a neighboring country and a Superpower. This pro-democracy protest has been going on for decades and has leaders and parties.

The protesters also include a named youth who was only 17 at the time of the protests and is currently facing execution.
This is not Syria. This is Bahrain. Where “peaceful protesters” actually had legitimate democratic reform demands; Not sectarian slogans calling for the Genocide of 40% of the population. (Syria)

This is Bahrain where it is possible to actually name the protestors and their leaders.

This is Bahrain where the casualties are those of the protestors and NOT Syria where the majority of the casualties in the beginning were the Army!

This is Bahrain where the protesters actually wanted a Democracy – and Not a Medieval Caliphate Theocracy
This is Bahrain where CNN and Al Jazeera support the Khalifa regime and they and their Pakistani and Expat courtiers blame the protesters – and Not the regime!

If you felt even an iota of sympathy for the pro-democracy protesters of Bahrain in 2011, you were an Iranian Fifth columnist. Just as you are today if you do not buy the manufactured narrative of the “peaceful protestors” of Daraa. The same “peaceful protestors” who after a “crackdown” morphed rapidly into Al Qaeda and ISIS. A “peaceful protest” when the resulting casualties of the Syrian army was greater than alleged protesters!

A “peaceful protest” which morphed into tens of thousands of armed to the teeth Al Qaeda and ISIS militias within weeks!
The difference in both the manner in which they were conducted and the outcomes speak volumes about actual pro democracy protests (Bahrain) vs manufactured Ikhwani sectarian riots (Syria).

Syria has left opposition groups but most of them support the Russian initiative of dialogue and phased reforms vs head-chopping, slavery, rape, False flag operations, cannibalism and Medieval Ibne Taymiyyan Caliphates.

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