Protests in Yemenis cities denounce Saudi airstrikes

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Popular demonstrations spread in a number of Yemeni cities to condemn Saudi airstrikes that ongoing for a week ago and killed and wounded more than hundred in the bombing coalition aircraft dairy factory ,where there are reports that the Yemeni army control over the military base in the region Dababa near the Bab al-Mandab on the Red Sea.

A number of Yemeni cities witnessed massive demonstrations to condemn the Saudi airstrikes and shelling, in conjunction with hear explosions in the capital Sanaa.The demonstrators called for the “opening of an international investigation and to hold accountable all those involved in the aggression against Yemen,” calling for “honest people in the world to stand with the people of Yemen.”Reporter fields reported that Yemeni areas adjacent to the borders of Saudi Arabia came under bombing raids and continuing for three days as a reporter fields reported.He said that the Saudi carried out raids on a mountain near the border of the campus of the Yemeni Saudi Arabia. He also stressed that the Saudi alliance prevent aircraft of medical aid subsidiary of the International Red Cross access to Yemen.Humanly Also, the Yemeni capital hospitals suffer from a shortage of medicines and equipment that can treat the injured.

Source : Almayadeen TV

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