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Psychoanalyst: Trump is ‘depressed’



A prominent Iranian psychoanalyst says U.S. President Donald Trump is “dangerous” because he has a “lot of power” and is “depressed”.

“A person who is depressed and deeply sad can easily use his power as an instrument in quasi-suicidal way,” Modjtaba Sadria told Tehran Times in an interview on Tuesday.

He added, “Trump is not dangerous because he is crazy.”

“When you look at him, you don’t see expression of joy in that man. Of course you see the expression of arrogance, but you don’t see the expression of joy. And that is the most dangerous aspect of Trump.”

He added that a depressed person who has power can cause “bad damages”.

“Understanding Trump requires understanding of three persons. One person is the one who sits in the Oval Office. Another is the person who has grown as a main capitalist in capitalism of the U.S., who is a manager of a business. The third person is a human being who has his own deformations, trauma and psychological problems,” the expert stated.

Sadria said as a person who sits in the Oval Office, Trump cannot do whatever he likes.

“The U.S. is an advanced capitalistic society and interests in that society are very well organized and there is a federal state there which is extremely articulated as a solid foundation. So, the structure of the state apparatus of the U.S. prevents Trump from doing whatever he wants.”

The scholar added that Trump has to speak in line with the interests of the U.S. and has to protect those interests even during his speech at the UN General Assembly.

“Because those interests are organized and Trump, or whoever that sits at the Oval Office, cannot radically transform them.”

And as a person who has “grown as a main capitalist” he “behaves basically as an erratic, successful and egocentric businessman”, Sadria stated.

“Any power, including in the area of business, requires a psychological capacity to deal with it which Trump does not have. He has not the mental capacity to deal with his success.”

Sadria said that the U.S. president is like the “new rich” who has the financial capital but lacks appropriate “cultural capital”.

“So, I think Trump is a person who cannot cope with his success.”

He also said that Trump as an individual and a human being is a very sad person.

‘Iran will be stronger if U.S. quits nuclear deal’

Sadria said that Iran will be stronger in the Middle East region if the U.S. quits the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the 5+1 group.

The U.S. will have much less power in the region if it withdraws from the nuclear agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, he said.

In his speech at the UN General Assembly last week, Trump made the harshest attack against the July 2015 nuclear deal, saying it was an “embarrassment” to the U.S. and hinted that he may not recertify the agreement when it comes up for a mid-October deadline.

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