PTI’s Imran announces civil disobedience; launches ‘don’t pay taxes’ movement

SHAFAQNA –  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan Sunday announced to launch a civil disobedience campaign and appealed the entire nation to support the move and gave the government an ultimatum of two days to step down. “The sit-in will continue for two more days. Mian Sahab, please, tender resignation because after days your time is up,” he warned. “Don’t pay your taxes, gas bills, GST (General Sales Tax), electricity bills,” he appealed the nation and took a pledge from his party workers attending procession.
Imran announces the launch of a new civil disobedience movement, focused on not paying taxes.

“Will you pay taxes?” Imran yells out to a jubilant crowd which screams, “No!”. “Never surrender before oppression and injustice; take a stand,” Imran Khan said, adding, ‘go for civil disobedience even against me if you find me doing injustice’. The PTI chief said he is alone, his kids are in England and he has nothing to lose. “I have waged this struggle for you,” he added. “Change isn’t coming…its here!” He asks the crowd to raise its hands in a solemn vow not to cross into the Red Zone. The crow obliges.

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