Date :Sunday, October 26th, 2014 | Time : 22:38 |ID: 15712 | Print Taliban control parellel government in NorthEast

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Afghan authorities of Kunduz province are concerned about the situation in Dashti Archi and Imam Sahib districts, bordering with Tajikistan

According to observers, there is a sort of parallel government system controlled by the militants in the area, which approves and introduces even development projects.

“If the government doesn’t conduct a special operation, the district can move under the control of militants of the Taliban movement”, said the Dashti Archi district head Nasriddin Sadi. The official specified that there are about 55 rebel groups in the district, including militants from Pakistan and Uzbekistan, with a total of 600-650 people. The head of the Imam Sahib district, Amoniddin Kurayshi, said that the situation in his area is a little better, though however alarming. Terrorists from around the world gathered in the area: Chechens, Tajiks, local Taliban and others. Some 300 militants attack our post that only has 20 people stationed.

The militants are funded and provided with weapons and ammunition from Pakistan. “They take taxes from the population, oppress them, and the people have to pay out of fear”, explained Kurayshi.

The press secretary of the security chief of Kunduz province, Said Sarvar Husaini, said that the provincial government intends to launch an operation against the Taliban in the two districts, as well as in a number of other troubled districts of the province, and he stressed that governmental forces are able to eliminate these militant groups.

New figures released recently by the Defence ministry indicate that 950 Afghan soldiers were killed between March and August 2014, the worst rate of the war. “The fighting in Kunduz did not start this year. But in the past years we had international forces helping the Afhan security forces”, said Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani, governor of the Kunduz province.

The last time that Afghans felt so threatened by in the northern Kunduz province by the Taliban was in 2009, shortly before President Barack Obama deployed thousands of troops to push the insurgents over the border. Now the Taliban have returned.


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