Pushing Daesh out – Why Aleppo could become the new graveyard where empires come to die

SHAFAQNA – If Western capitals long sold out Syria’s national sovereignty, hoping to lay waste a democratically elected government to better affirm their special brand of imperial exceptionalism, Syrians proven to be tougher than most give them credit for.

In truth, and not to take anything away from other nations at war, none have fought more brilliantly than the Syrians. Five years into a brutal asymmetrical conflict, Syria managed to carve a path of resistance, when most would have cowered, and submitted.

Ostracized by political powers, demonized by corporate media, shun by most Arab states, pinned down by Daesh vicious hordes, and Wahhabi-bought armies, Syria has risen a giant among all non-aligned nation – the new graveyard of empires, the new graveyard of tyranny.

There is more to Syria’s war than political, or even religious ambitions. Syria is merely another domino to drop within a grand Zionist chess game which ambitions to see the Greater Middle East balkanized. Syria’s war is about the imposition of a new world order – the inception of imperial globalism.

By new world order I mean the reengineering of national rights. If anything is to be remembered from Syria’s war, it is the West’s insistence to evaporate sovereignty in the name of counter-terrorism and national security.

Whose national security? Whose rights are we defending when bombs are dropped on civilians?

Whose lives are we being taught ad nauseam stand worthier? Whose safety, and privileges will we trample over in the name of Western democracy – whatever this concept actually means!

Syria’s war is much more than just another conflict – it is the tale of a resistance against oppression and slavery. It is the tale of a people refusing to bow to a rule they recognize not. There above the clamours of war have stood those powers, those forces, which through the decades have proven time, and time again that imperialism still can be opposed and defeated.

It is often in times of great struggle, that one’s true worth is best proven. Who could deny now Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and of course the Syrian Arab army’s mettle?

But back to northern Syria, and the city of Aleppo where the very future of the Middle East is being played out.

For all their great many efforts Daesh militants and their patrons are losing to Syria’s blind determination to reclaim itself free. A nation in resistance, Syria has rallied around its president with a conviction which has made the walls of Ankara and Riyadh’s palaces shake.

Before the Syrian Arab Army, Daesh mercenaries have run. They have run, and they have fled for Syria today is cleansing its land from the filth of covert imperialism, and radicalism.

You would think of course that the West would have hailed such victories against Terror as a positive development, or at least a sign that maybe President Bashar al-Assad is in fact a worthy political protagonist.

Of course, in the eyes of Western capitals, President al-Assad can never hold any redeeming qualities … in this globalist narrative, only Terror can be rationalized as a partner – not democratically elected officials.

This May 2016 saw both the United States and the United Nations vent irrational anger at Damascus over made-up grievances and trumped up charges of war crimes, use of chemical weapons and other tall tales. As corporate media acted an echo chamber to such propaganda Turkey and Saudi Arabia have worked to further train, arm and recruit radicals … on that of course the world has kept mum.

I imagine you recall vividly how Reuters was only too keen to report the babbling of the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – a one-man show organization run from a flat in Coventry, UK.

Reuters news report read: “Air strikes on a camp housing Syrians uprooted by war killed at least 28 people near the Turkish border on Thursday, a monitoring group [Syrian Observatory for Human Rights] said, and fighting raged in parts of northern Syria despite a deal to cease hostilities in the city of Aleppo.” And: “Footage shared on social media showed rescue workers putting out fires which still burned among charred tent frames, pitched in a muddy field. White smoke billowed from smouldering ashes, and a burned and bloodied torso could be seen in the footage.”

This is how RT reported on the tragedy – based in empirical evidences, not imaginary sources. RT reported: “Considering the fracture pattern, seen in the pictures and videos taken at the site, the camp could have been shelled, either intentionally or by mistake, by rocket artillery, which is in active use in the area by militants from the terror group Al-Nusra Front,” Major-General Igor Konashenkov, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, said on Friday.

He added that after analyzing photographs and video footage from the devastated camp available online, it became evident that “there are no airstrike shell craters or other signs of an airstrike.”

The Russian Defense Ministry states there were no air sorties over the area of the refugee camp on the day of the attack or on the day prior to it.

“We have analyzed airspace objective control data for the area as of May 4 and 5, 2016. There were no flights of Russian or any other aircraft over the camp area,” Konashenkov stressed.


Let’s look at the road so far … Ever since Russia entered the Syrian fray last September (2015) – following Damascus request I need to add, in accordance with international law – Syria has successfully capitalized on Moscow’s militarily and intelligence assistance, pushing its troops against Daesh’s bastions. In six months Syria managed to flip the war dynamic to such an extent that Saudi Arabia-sponsored “opposition groups” withdrew from peace talks.

As of May 2016, President Bashar al-Assad stands on the brink of complete victory … one last push in northern Aleppo would de facto cut off Daesh, and reduced this one Terror army down to the size of an exploded balloon.

Needless to say that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have not looked too kindly on Syria’s military prowess. And so something dramatic had to of course take place.

Straight from Washington’s terror handbook, media began churning a tale of oppression, and human desperation. Newspapers and TV network inundated their public with war images and stories of heart-breaking hardship. Forever the villain of the story President al-Assad was turned into a war criminal intent on slaughtering his people for sports.

Hiding behind the propaganda, Terror’s patrons moved for the kill – ready to crush the Resistance. By refusing to admit to Western powers’ shadow games we have condemned a people to fight oppression alone. Worst still, our silence and inability to see beyond political manipulation could soon mean that, we, too, be denied our sovereign rights.

“Al-Nusra Front has gathered a force of some 6,000 fighters in preparation for a major offensive in Syria’s Aleppo province, as terrorists and their allies continue to disrupt the fragile US-Russian brokered ceasefire,” the Russian Defense Ministry.

“The escalation of the situation in a number of Syrian regions is first of all linked to the goal of the leaders of Al-Nusra Front and factions allied with it to derail the process of reconciliation,” head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Lt.-Gen. Sergey Kuralenko, said in a statement on May, 24, 2016.

He added: “In the Aleppo region, Al-Nusra Front leaders are finishing forming an assault group totalling over 6,000 militants in order to block the government troops in the city with a strike from the east, while in the north they seek to cut off access to the city of Nubl.”

To win over Syria, the unthinkable is taking place … the rationalization of Terror as a necessary evil against enemy state. Look not at al-Nusra military mobilization as another development in Syria, but the very smoking gun of Western guilt.

Was it not Washington which received Ahr al Sham terrorists as if they were worthy representative of Syria?

Whatever happens in Aleppo will determine how the war on Terror will unfold …

By Catherine Shakdam

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