Putin Spokesman Dismisses reports Russia Hacked Into White House

SHAFAQNA – According to The Moscow Times Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov scoffed at a CNN report that claimed Russian hackers may have breached the White House’s computer system and accessed sensitive information pertaining to U.S. President Barack Obama, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Wednesday. “We know that blaming Russia for everything has turned into a sport,” Peskov told journalists when asked about the allegations, RIA reported. “At least they haven’t looked for Russian submarines in [Washington’s] Potomac River, as has been the case in a few other countries.” Citing unnamed U.S. officials, the CNN news channel reported Wednesday that hackers had launched a series of cyber-attacks that allowed them to penetrate the State Department’s computer system, ultimately paving the way to the White House’s system. The hackers thus gained access to sensitive information, such as the president’s schedule, according to the report.

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