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Qaradawi: Baghdadi was in brotherhood and after his release from prison “Daash” lured him for leadership

SHAFAQNA – Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi president of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars in a video on the Internet said that the leader of al Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was at the young age in Muslim Brotherhood, but was tend to leadership, and «Daash» seduced him to leadership after his release from prison,Qaradawi pointing out that «this group joined them young people from Qatar and other countries, under the pretext of alleged jihad for the sake of God and fight the infidels and paradise destined to, but now they deny the Muslims and kill the dhimmis of not worth killing and slaughtering innocent people, and now we must resist this extremism ». as Alsarq Al awsat newspaper said.

Qaradawi adds that they are now asking for caliphate, «but the caliphate does not come this way, caliphate comes when the group of Muslim country governed by Sharia law, or tend to Islam». The Islamic preacher Al-Qaradawi, who is one of the most important references stream of the Muslim Brotherhood in the world said that extremist groups have emerged as a result of the corruption situation in a number of states , as «Al-Qaeda»  appeared before led by bin Laden, then led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, which eventually led to the accession of many young people to «Daash» from many countries. He said: «But we must confront this extremism». It was al-Qaradawi said in an earlier statement that the organization Daash who dominated large parts of Iraq, Syria and resided «Caliphate», is «legally null» and «does not serve the Islamic project».



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