Quran Copy Written by Slave in US on Display in Beirut


SHAFAQNA – A copy of the Holy Quran written by an African slave in the US is on show at an exhibition in Beirut Lebanon.

Rami al-Nimr, a Palestinian merchant living in Beirut, has mounted the exhibit, which features the art of Arabic calligraphy and includes old Arabic manuscripts, according to MEOnline.

It has been underway since April and will run until October, according to al-Nimr.

The items on display belong to Nimr’s personal collection purchased from different individuals in different countries, he says.

One of the rare items is the copy of the Quran written in 1740s by an African slave.

The young slave had been sold to a family in the US state of Pennsylvania.

He managed to escape but was arrested and put in jail and wrote the copy while in prison, Nimr says.

The young slave has also drawn a portray of himself on the first page of the book.



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