Quran heals spiritual problems in societies says senior Shia cleric

SHAFAQNA – Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Ali Mousavi Jazayeri, representative of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei in Khuzestan province, made some remarks in a Quranic session held for Ramadan month in which he elaborated on some steps for reciting Quran.

“Quran is a healer and whoever sticks to it will be awarded by divine bounty and blessings.” said Ayatollah Jazayeri.

The Friday Prayer Imam of Ahvaz pointed out that adhering to holy Quran heals the spiritual problems and disorders in present societies saying,” The cure to most spiritual disorders in today’s world, which are mainly caused by one’s forgetting Allah almighty, is to stick to the holy Quran and Ahlul Bayt (as); this month of Ramadan provides Muslim missionaries with the best opportunity to introduce Quranic teachings to people.”

In the end, the senior cleric referred to a narration by holy Prophet Muhammad (sawa) in which he invited people to recite Quran, “the holy prophet of Islam once said, ‘Enlighten your homes with reciting Quran’; this will bring about abundant blessings and mercy from Allah almighty.”

Source – ABNA 

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