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Quran Teacher Training Course Starts in Najaf


According to Imam Ali (AS) Network, Hussein Al-Hakeem, supervisor of the Quran teachers training courses said the first phase includes three parts, and each will take two months to complete.

The Imam Ali (AS) Institute for Studies of Quran, Nahj-ul-Blaqa and Sahifa Sajjadiyya will host the educational program, he said.

He added that a large number of Quran activists are taking the courses.

Those who have passed previous courses on Quran recitation and Tajweed principles are qualified to register.

The participants will get acquainted with the principles of Quran recitation, practical principles of Tajweed, Waqf and Ibtida, Quranic scripts and Quran teaching methods.

Quranic activities have significantly developed in Iraq since the 2003 overthrow of former dictator Saddam Hussein.

There has been a growing trend of Quranic programs such as competitions, recitation sessions and educational programs held in the country in recent years.

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