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Radicals assassinate prominent Shia cleric in Palestine

SHAFAQNA – Palestinian Shia figure, Sheikh Ahmad Shahwan, was assassinated by unknown gunmen near Nazareth in northern Israel.

75-year-old Ahmad Shahwan was at his book store in Iksal settlement when an unknown terrorist shot him three times yesterday, on November 21st, 2015.

Sheikh Ahmad Shahwan was a Palestinian cultural figure who converted to Shiism in 1998.

Knowing as ‘Haj Abu Muhammad’ among the neighborhood, he never hid his converting to Shiism and publicly announced that in the media.

Shiism in Palestine

The emergence of Shias in the Palestinian territories was at the beginning of the third millennium.

Someone may believe that Shias emerged in Palestine before the Fourth century Hijri, and they are not totally eradicated at any time, such thing need more investigation and research.

When the boundaries between Palestine and Lebanon were drawn in 1927, Palestine included Shiite villages; however, the villages have been destroyed by Israeli during the 1948 war, and its inhabitants got refuge in Lebanon. Again, no Shias are in Palestine officially after that, until the end of the twentieth century.

Nowadays, we hear clearly about Shias and their presence in Palestine. Shias talked about their percentage and circumstances, one of forums on the internet said that there are hundreds of Shias. Others said that Shia’s presence is close to 9% of the Palestinians.

Source – ABNA

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