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Ramadan Quran Festival to Be Held in Qatif


SHAFAQNA- The 4th edition of a Quran festival in the holy month of Ramadan will be organized in Qatif Province of Saudi Arabia.

According to Qaaf news agency, the Quran Center of “Al-Safa” Charity Association in the Shia-dominant city of Safwa will hold the event.

“Al-Sediqah Al-Zahra (SA)” Mosque in the city will host the Quranic program from the 8th to 13th day of the holy month.

The programs of the festival have been divided into two parts for boys and girls. The programs for boys will be held from Ramadan 8 to 10 and girls can participate in the festival from Day 11 to 13.

Quranic stories, Quran memorization and recitation, interpretation of Quran, calligraphy, painting and photography are among different programs of the festival.

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