Ready To Buy A New iPad? Don’t! (At Least Not Yet)

SHAFAQNA –  With 56 different iPads to choose from, Apple sure doesn’t make it easy to decide which one to buy. But in this case if the analysis paralysis means you haven’t yet purchased a new iPad Air 2 or Mini 3, the decision will get at least a little bit easier 15 days from now. Among the usual array of discounts from major retailer will be some very good deals on Apple’s new tablets, most notably from Target and Best Buy. That should mean a lot of iPad sales for Apple to kick off the holiday shopping season as buyers get offers that represent nearly 1/3 off the purchase price of the iPad Air 2 in some cases.

Easy vs. better

The deals are pretty straightforward but you’ll have to choose between immediate gratification and what ultimately is a bigger discount. Best Buy is offering a straight $100 off the iPad Air 2 in all configurations and $75 off the Mini 3. You want a 64GB iPad Air 2 with WiFi that normally retails for $599? It’ll be $499 over the Thursday-Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.

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With Target, the discounts are bigger but they come in the form of Target gift cards. iPad Air 2 buyers will get a $140 card. Those who choose the Mini 3, Mini 2, and first-generation Air will get $100. Even the original Mini will net you an $80 card. And, of course, those who have the Target Red Card will still get their 5% back off the purchase price. So in a way it’s nice that these deals aren’t discounted up front, but rather on the back end. Red Card holders would get $20 off a 16GB iPad Air 2 plus the $140 gift card — a total of $160 in savings, or 32%. (Had Target done a straight discount, the 5% off would be less valuable and for regular Target customers the $140 is effectively cash too.)

As more Black Friday deals are announced, I’ll follow up with an updated post of the best ones in mobile and other cutting-edge technology.

Not just iPads

There’s more being discounted than just iPads. Target opens with slightly better pricing on the iPhone 6 and 5s, offering then at $179 and $79. It will then give you a $30 gift card on a new activation. If you’re eyeing any Beats by Dre headphones, delayed gratification is especially valuable on the Solo HD model which will go for $97 ($170 normally). The pricier Studio model is $250 (normally $300). Target has a warning that iPhones and the Beats by Dre headphones can sell out and there are no rainchecks but doesn’t mention that with respect to the iPads in the ad. Whether that’s an oversight or it means they expect to have plenty remains to be seen.

Best Buy has several Macs on sale for $150-200 off and Apple’s nearly forgotten iPod Touch for $149 ($199 when not on sale). It seems like most of the deals should be available online.

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