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Reason behind al-Masirah stop working is representation of criminality against Yemenis

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SHAFAQNA- Ibrahim al-Dailami, General Director of Yemeni satellite TV channel Al-Masirah emphasized that “al-Masirah, on the one hand, aims to depict Yemen’s devotion and on the other hand, to expose and disperse the Saudi invaders and their crimes against the Yemeni people”.

Al-Dailami told Mehr News Agency “the reason for stopping of Yemeni broadcasting network is the persistence of pressures at various levels, especially by the United States and France. This action reflects the narrow-mindedness and limited vision of the aggressive powers. Because al-Masirah’s network portrayed the crime of Saudi-American invaders against Yemen and, on the other hand, display the bravery and sacrifice of Yemenis.

“Our demands from organizations related to the rights of journalists and media activists, freedom of opinion and publication, and the newspaper are to take real and realistic positions against satellite companies, but unfortunately, such positions have not been taken so far”, he added.

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