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Reasons behind a difficult death

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The process of dying may get difficult for some people and the reasons behind this are outlined below.

  1. Some people may face painful illnesses and lose the ability to talk and communicating with others around them or may lose their body strength.
  2. Weeping of family members and saying goodbye to them and the prospect of children becoming orphans.
  3. Grief of separating from assets, properties and all precious objects that took a lifetime to accumulate and the worries of leaving them behind as well as the anxiety of some of these may have been attained through Haram or suspicious ways.
  4. Being afraid and apprehensive of entering an unknown world.
  5. At the time of death a person may imagine the Prophet (PBUH), Ahlul Bait (AS) and the angel of death and not knowing what type of sentence will be given to him/her.
  6. On the other hand Satan and his friends will gather round and want to see the person die without belief.
  7. Being afraid of the arrival of the Angel of Death or in what shape the angel will appear and how the angel will take back a person’s life [1].

Answering the question if a believer will become uneasy at the time of death, Imam Sadiq (AS) replied: No, swear to Allah (SWT) when the Angel of Death arrives to take a person’s life, at first that person will be restless but Izrael will tell the person: O’ friend of God, do not be restless because I am kinder to you than your father. Open your eyes and look. Then the Prophet (PBUH) and Ahlul bait (AS) will appear in front the person and he/she will be told: This is the prophet of God and…..are your friends and companions. At this time nothing will be happier to that person except life to be taken from his/her body by the angel [2].

[1] Manazelol Akherah, Page 13-14.

[2] Mizanol Hekmah, Vol.2, page 931.

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