Recommendations of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) for the month of Ramadhan (Part Two)

SHAFAQNA – O’ people, your lives are distrained by your deeds, so by asking forgiveness, release them, your backs are heavy with the heavy loads of sins, so with lengthy prostrations, make them light and know that the Almighty has sworn on God’s magnificence not to punish God’s servants in this month and save them from hellfire on the Day of Judgment.

O’ people, Any of you who feeds a fasting believer, will have the rewards of releasing a slave and forgiveness of his/her past sins. Some companions said: O’ the Prophet of Allah (SWT), all of us are not able to do this. The Prophet (PBUH) replied: By feeding those who are fasting, avoid the hellfire, even if it is as small as half a date or one sip of water.

O’ people, whoever in this month makes his/her behaviour good, will pass the bridge (in the hereafter) easily, the day when steps are shaky. Whoever in this month makes the tasks of his/her slaves and subordinates easy, God will take it easy on him/her on the Day of Reckoning. Whoever avoids bothering people in this month, God on the Day of Resurrection will not get angry with him/her. Whoever respects a fatherless orphan, God will honour him/her on the Day of Judgment.

Whoever visits relatives and connects with them, God connects to him/her Divine Mercy on the Day of Reckoning, and whoever cuts his/her relation with relatives, God will remove Divine Mercy from him/her. Whoever performs recommended (Mostahabbi) Salaat, God will save him/her from hellfire and the one who performs a Wajeb Salaat, God will reward him/her the rewards of 70 Salaats (for one Salaat) in other months. Whoever recites a lot of Salawaats, God will make the light weight of his/her deeds heavy. The one who recites one verse of the Quran in this month, will have the reward of the one who recited the whole of it in other months.

O’ people, Request your God that the gates of paradise are open in this month, request God not to close them on you; and the gates of hell are close in this month, request God not to open them on you. Satans are in chains in this month, request God not to make you dominated by them. Imam Ali (AS) said: At this time, I stood up and said: O’ the Prophet of Allah (SWT), what is the best of deeds in this month? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: The best of deeds in this month is to avoid forbidden acts (sins) [1].

[1] Ketabe Roozeh, Wasaelul Shia; and Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 96, Page 157.

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