Reflexotherapy, A Way to Reinvigorates Body


Reflexotherapy is a therapeutical way in which certain points of body are pressed by thumb or any other simple device.

The main purpose of reflexotherapy is increasing the body’s therapeutical capacity. There are certain points across palm and sole which have been identified as reflexive points.

These points have a high capability to transfer energy and each one represents a certain organ of body such as heart, brain and also a special function of each organ; for example corresponding points of brain are place in the big toe, while the corresponding points are placed at the center of sole.

Pushing these points alleviates muscle twisting, improves blood circulation and vital energy, makes nerves calm and improves function of the system in question. Identification and determination of the place of these certain points is the result of millions studies and researches. The studies indicate that prevalent diseases make painful certain points of body whose exact location is known. Pressing these points alleviate pain considerably.

Subsequently, these points constitute channels spread all over body. A number of these channels are found across superficial parts of body, while some other channels have been spread deep inside body around internal organs. These channels are found in pair and form a network in the body.

Both reflexotherapy and acupuncture can improve body’s resistibility against pathogens without using medicines and side effects.

These points are used in acupuncture, as well.

The major difference between reflexotherapy and acupuncture is that in the latter points are stimulated by inserting needles, while in the former only palm and sole are pressed. It does not need needles and only press of fingers is used.

Reflexotherapy can be useful for treating various discomforts such as stress and psychological stress, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, backache, allergy, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, digestive discomforts, cramps, cold, sciatic pains and also for invigorating body. Reflexotherapy is an accessory therapeutical technique which can be employed in companion with other therapeutical method and what is important in this technique is that it has no side effects.

In fact, all diseases are caused by the fact that we work more than what we can; hence, when symptoms of a disease are seen, your body starts to take care of itself and it needs assistance to be protected against external factors such as viruses and bacteria. To do so, we use various medicines in order to cure the disease; however, this method may affect other part of body. For instance, we use sedatives to get rid of headaches, it may treat our headache but at the same time attacks the gastric mucosa. Both reflexotherapy and acupuncture can improve body’s resistibility against pathogens without using medicines and side effects.

New technological advancements have paved the way for applying this technique by special machines and acupuncture is done with electrode and without inserting more needles. It is important to know that reflexotherapy and acupuncture cannot be used for all diseases; however for treatable diseases they can be accurate and harmless methods provided that a professional therapist performs them. As you know, each person’s body has a symmetry which is different from that in others. Therefore, these reflexive points would be different from one person to another.

Chinese style to number the reflexive points is very perplexing, because they have named them in terms of certain organs and their internal organs. To avoid this condition, it is better to name these points based on name of the organ in which they have been place rather based on the nervous centers which control them.

Another important point is that no material is injected or taken in reflexotherapy or acupuncture and body resistance is empowered only through pressing or inserting needles. Therefore, they have no side effects or risks for the body. Today, people who have become tired of using chemical drugs show interest to these methods.

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