Religion of mercy and compassion

SHAFAQNA – Zakaria narrated: I was with Imam Sadeq (AS) in Mena when people gathered round him and asked Imam (AS) various questions like children asking questions from their teacher. Afterwards, I came to Kufa to look after my mother by feeding her, do all the cleaning and served her kindly. My mother told me: When you were in my religion, you were not like this, what is the secret of all this? I replied: One of the sons of our Prophet (PBUH) recommended this to me.

My mother said: Is he the prophet? I replied: No, he is the son of the Prophet (PBUH). My mother said: This is the Prophet because his way is like the prophets. I replied: O’ mother, after our Prophet (PBUH) no other prophet will come, this man is the son of our Prophet (PBUH). My mother said: Your religion is the best of religions, explain it to me. I explained Islam to her and she also converted to Islam. After performing her prayers, she did not feel well and told me: My son, explain to me again about Islam and I explained to her, she confessed and passed away [1].

[1] Osoul-e-Kafi, Vol. 3, page 233.

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