Religious expert: Mina incident seems deliberate

SHAFAQNA – Hujjat al-Islam Mortaza Adib-Yazdi, an expert on religious issues, referred to last Thursday’s tragedy in Mina, saying that this disaster was “very painful, tragic and unprecedented and according to the evidence and witnesses, it seems to have been deliberate.”

His Eminence referred to the role of the “evil triangle” of Zionism, Wahhabism and ISIL in the tragic incident in Mina and added that think tanks have come to the conclusion that this “evil triangle intended to destroy the reputation of Islam through this incident.”

He stressed that this tragedy in Mina will be one of the causes of the fall of the Saud dynasty, and added that we must be careful that the enemy doesn’t turn the battle between pure Muhammadan Islam and ‘American Islam’ into a tale about a war between Arabs and non-Arab Muslims.

Hujjat al-Islam Adib-Yazdi stated that the Wahhabi sect are the same as the Kharijites of Nahrawan, saying that now the current war is between pure Islam and the [new] Umayyad’s and this incident has no relation to Islamic jurisprudence. “Rather, the House of Saud seeks to harm Islam with its incompetence,” he said.

The Iranian scholar stressed that seminarians and scholars in the present era have a duty to defend the oppressed of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad with increased insight and awareness.

Hujjat al-Islam Adib-Yazdi added: “We are hopeful that the blood of the martyrs of this disaster in Mina leads to the collapse of the House of and leads the people to realize the true nature of Wahhabism and Zionism and that the war between pure Muhammadan Islam and false American Islam does not lead to war between Arabs and non-Arab Muslims.”

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