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Religious scholar: “Dignity of holy Quran should be depicted across globe”

SHAFAQNA – Head of the endowment and charity organization of Iran, Sheikh Ali Mohammadi placed stress on the leading role of holy Quran in peoples’ lives noting, “Dignity of the Holy Quran should be introduced to people across the globe,”.

“Through abiding by Quran’s instructions, Muslim youth can overtake the enemies of divine Islam, countering the standing extremism in their world. So Muslims youths can navigate their way through the existing dispersion and standing problems.” the religious clerics stressed.

There is little doubt that hard-liners now have the upper hand in some Muslim countries; given that, Muslims should not remain silent and counter the willful measures against defenseless people. To advance the set objective taking the cognizance of Islamic principles offered in holy Quran is a necessity.

There is nothing humane in enemies’ hands saying innocent people should be deprived of their fundamental rights, thereupon standing against such malignant policy is shouldered by all Muslims.

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