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Removal of sanctions necessary for nuclear deal: Iran deputy FM

SHAFAQNA – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Europe and North America Majid Takht Ravanchi underlined that reaching a final deal in the nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers depends on the latter’s decision to withdraw their sanctions against Tehran.

“If the other side withdraws from its previous thoughts and stop making an instrumental use of the sanctions, we will be able to reach a comprehensive agreement at the earliest,” Takht Ravanchi said in a meeting with Political Director of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wegger Christian Strommen in Tehran on Monday.

Elsewhere, he underscored the necessity for the development of economic and trade cooperation between Iran and Norway, and said oil, gas, petrochemicals, energy, fishery and environment are good grounds for the expansion of bilateral ties and mutual cooperation.

Strommen, for his part, said that there are abundant capacities for cooperation between Iran and his country, and added, “Energy and marine cooperation, including fishery and environmental issues, are among the appropriate areas for cooperation.”

He also expressed the hope that the nuclear talks between Tehran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany) would yield good results.

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed the necessity for the annulment of all sanctions against the country, and dismissed the US officials’ claims that Tehran had sit to the negotiating table with powers under pressures and sanctions.

“Those who state that Iran has come to the negotiations due to sanctions are uttering lies; Iran has sit to the negotiating table not as a result of pressures but for the sake of logic and for the establishment of peace in the region and the world,” Rouhani said, addressing millions of people participating in the February 11 rallies marking the 36th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran and other cities.

He asked the western officials if their claims that Iran had sit to the negotiating table due to sanctions were true, then why they didn’t impose further embargos on the nation and had resorted to talks with Tehran, instead.

“Speak honestly and admit that you have been left with no other option against the Iranian nation but interaction, and say it to the world out loud that if you intend to establish peace and stability and uproot terrorism in the Middle-East region, you have no way out but (to interact with) the Islamic Republic,” Rouhani underscored.

Stressing that Iran was after a win-win understanding with the world powers, Rouhani said, “This means that if Iran shows transparency in its peaceful nuclear program within the framework of the international regulations, the other side should also end the illegal sanctions and this will benefit both sides.”



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