REPORT – ISIS has gay wing: Homosexuality rife among terrorists say experts as gay sign up

SHAFAQNA – A British man fighting in Syria has shared what’s been described as ‘intimate, homosexual’ messages with other jihadists, it has emerged.

Some experts have revealed that many young Muslims struggling with their sexuality, and before a lack of adequate psychological and religious support from their community have become the new recruits of the terror group, as leaders are looking to expand their reach within the community.

“It is about perverting the message of Islam and selling atheist moral values to a group of people who claim to be Muslims. What we’re seeing is a deliberate attempt to transform the Islamic faith by corrupting its message and the spirit of Islamic law. Much on the blame falls on community leaders and parents though as they need to be mindful of their children and ensure that they grow up with strong values,” said Imam Al Ansi from Crawley.

The Times says the messages, uncovered by counter-terrorism experts, show the men have stronger feelings than what an expert dubbed ‘strong heterosexual bonding’.

“If the men were caught having a relationship they would probably be put to death as jihadists consider homosexuality a sin,” noted the Times. But Imam Al Ansi does not agree as he believes ISIS is looking to recruit whoever it thinks will hold a weapon for the group. “ISIS is a disease on Islam and the idea they are normalizing homosexuality is disturbing. But at the same time it reinforces the fact that the group has nothing to do with Islam and its teachings.

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