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The representative of Ayatullah Sistani: “Human principles must be observed even when fighting enemies”

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SHAFAQNA- Pointing to the coming of the month of Muharram, Hojat-ul Islam Sheikh AbdulMahdi Karbalaei, the representative of Ayatullah Sistani, remarked in the sermons of Friday prayers of this week in Karbala, which was held in the courtyard of Imam Hussein (AS), that: “Our acts, conduct, and habitude after the day of Ashura should not remain the same as before it, but rather, these rituals and sorrows must have an effect on us.”

He emphasized the implementation of justice, reform, and the fight against injustice, corruption, oppression and delinquency, and said that those taking executive responsibilities should pay special attention to the observance of justice, and the fight against corruption and oppression.

The representative of Ayatullah Sistani said that people should follow the Saleh leader, saying: “People must condemn any corrupt political and religious leader and not allow them to affect their fate.”

He added: “Ayatollah Sistani has always emphasized on the selection of a competent person for national and political positions, one who is able to serve the people and clean of any corruption. The corrupt person only works in accordance with his personal and worldly interests.”

Hojat-ul Islam Sheikh AbdulMahdi Karbalaei stated: “If we abandon enjoining good and forbidding wrong, it will lead to corrupt people in the government.” He invited all authorities to the observance of human principles and remarked that: “these principles must be observed even when fighting enemies.”

The representative of Ayatullah Sistani stated: “People must be committed to the following of the scholarly Faqih, and they must adhere to him and his rulings in every aspect of life.”



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