Representative of the Grand Ayatollah Sistani in Karbala: Iraqis can free their occupied lands

SHAFAQNA -According to Forat News, in his Friday sermons, Sheikh Mahdi Karbalaei said: Due to recent insecurities caused by terrorists, security officials should plan in ways that the terrorists are not able to return to the freed areas. He stressed: It is necessary that residents of the occupied areas take part in freeing their lands. Karbalaei added: In addition to the areas occupied by the terrorists, other areas near them are in danger, if important parts of Alanbar Province, oil wells, refineries and military bases remain in terrorist hands then do not be in doubt that Baghdad is in danger. He emphasized: The political and military forces should not pay attention to accusations of sectarianism and their aim must be serving people. He assured Iraqis by saying: We believe that Iraqi forces are able to free the remaining areas, God will give you victory over your enemies.

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