Restaurant Refuses to Serve Muslim Women in France


SHAFAQNA- A restaurant manager humiliates two Muslim women and refuses to serve them in Tremblay-en-France in the suburb of Paris on Saturday night, telling them “terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists.” 

One of the victims videotaped the shocking incident and shared it on social media. The video went viral and stirred the outrage of thousands of users.

The video does not record the incident from the beginning; it starts in the middle of a violent verbal attack from the manager.

When one of the veiled women said, “we do not want to be served by racists.” The manager came toward to her table and replied angrily, “Racists do not make bombs and do not kill people, racists like me.”

Then the woman enquired about the reason behind such horrible treatment saying “Is it because we have bombs, sir?”

The veiled women kept their temper throughout the entire incident. However, the manager continued to lash out at them.

The manager seems extremely annoyed with their presence in his restaurant. His bigoted statements show that he has a problem with them being Muslims:

“Terrorists are Muslims, and all Muslims are terrorists” remarked the manager, adding “I don’t want people like you in my place, full stop!”

The manager repeatedly asked the women to leave his restaurant while they remained in their table, waiting for the police to come.

The restaurant where the incident took place is ‘Le Cénacle’ in Tremblay-en-France. It has been reportedly closed after the incident.

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