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Rianovosti/ Sanctions Against Russia Should Remain Unchanged: Danish Foreign Minister

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

The European Union should not ease its sanctions against Russia at this point, given the situation in Ukraine, Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said today.

“I don’t think we should … decrease the pressure right now,” Lidegaard said prior to the Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg.

“We still have accidents, we still have unacceptable behavior by the Russian Federation, so we should be exactly where we are with the high pressure,” he added.

However, the Danish foreign minister noted that efforts were made to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner via negotiations.

A European diplomat also told RIA Novosti on Monday that European Council permanent representatives will meet on October 28 to discuss the effectiveness of thesanctions against Russia at a Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) meeting.

The European Union, alongside the United States, has imposed several rounds of sanctionsS on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis, targeting certain individuals and whole sectors of the Russian economy, mainly the country’s largest banks, defense and energy companies.

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