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#Rice4Yemen campaign – Yemen blockade runners appeal for help

SHAFAQNA – With over 22 million people facing immediate starvation Yemen is facing the bottom of a barrel … Yemenis need help, and they need it fast.

While many have been tirelessly campaigning for peace, calling for all parties involved to return to the negotiating table, and strike a deal which would save millions of lives, such politicking has been painstakingly slow – offering little by way of immediate help for Yemen.

What Yemenis need is a right now  – food right now! so that maybe they can weather tomorrow.

Yemen’s poverty is not of its making. Yemenis are not a lazy people, or an irresponsible people – what they are is  poverty-stricken and war-stricken. What they suffer from, and under has been engineered starvation by the Saudi-led coalition.

Today, the Mona Relief Organization is asking you to donate a few pounds, dollars, Euros … whatever your currency maybe, so that hope can once more flourish, so that tomorrow can become a reality/

#Rice4Yemen will run throughout March. The Mona Relief needs to raise £20,000 to feed Yemen and beat the blockade. We need an estimated 10000 people to give £2.  That’s less than a cup of coffee!

If you cannot give than forward this article to your contacts and become a blockade runner! Become the chain which stood against injustice and tyranny, become that voice which pushed the dark away!

Yemen needs you … please do not turn away!



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