Is it right to reach the target by any means?


SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Ali (AS) who said: No one becomes happy and prosperous except by obeying Allah (SWT), and no one becomes unhappy and unfortunate except by committing sins against God [1]. So, according to Imam Ali (AS), the enjoyment from committing sins does not bring glory, but it causes humiliation and misery. In this regard, Imam Ali (AS) said: Allah (SWT) will humiliate any person who enjoys committing sins against God [2]. It is also narrated from Imam Hussain (AS) who said: The person who wants to reach his/her goal by (way of) committing sins, will get to his/her goal (much) later than he/she thinks, and will get into the difficulty which he/she feared much sooner [3]. In this narration, Imam Hussain (AS) warned that a person will not reach his/her target/goal by choosing bad and irreligious ways and means; and by choosing the wrong and bad ways, the person will place himself/herself in difficulties and the state of hopelessness.

[1] Tasneef Qorarul Hekam wa Dorarul Kalam, Page 183.

[2] As Above, Page 186,Hadith 3565.

[3] Kafi, Vol. 2, Page 373; Tohaful Oqool, Page248.


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