Riyadh denies body of Sheikh al-Nimr to family – Exclusive

SHAFAQNA – In an exclusive interview with Shafaqna this January, Mohammad al-Nimr, son to late Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent cleric and rights defender from Qatif (eastern province of Saudi Arabia) revealed that his family was denied right to burial.

“My family was refused my father’s body. The authorities have denied us our right to burial,” said Mohammed al-Nimr in comments to Shafaqna.

If Sheikh al-Nimr’s execution very much felt like a betrayal, and a great injustice – such was his reach and the respect he commanded throughout not just Saudi Arabia, but the Islamic world, this new form of psychological torture has added to the disgust many have expressed vis a vis Riyadh.

Sources in the kingdom have revealed the authorities are concerned Sheikh al-Nimr’s death will lead to a mass uprising still. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, a political activist explained how Sheikh al-Nimr’s name was fast becoming a symbol of resistance across the country. “His death deeply echoed with the people. Most understand today that his message was for all people, regardless of their faith, ethnicity and background. There is a need for change in Saudi Arabia, the people are tired of being denied their rights … something needs to change and Sheikh al-Nimr was assassinated for the light he attempted to shine on all of us.”



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