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Rohingya Women Recall Horror of Myanmar Army Massacre


These Rohingya women survived a massacre. When Myanmar’s army entered Tula Toli, a village in Maungdaw townshipon, they carried out systematic killings and rape of several hundreds of Rohingya Muslims.

Some of the worst violence is believed to have occurred in Tula Toli, where survivors say residents were rounded up on riverbanks and shot as they tried to flee.

These killings took place even after assurances from Maynmar’s government that there were no human rights violations.

In the last few years, thousands of Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar have become displaced and with increasing restrictions on their freedoms, over 100,000 have fled the country.

More than 640,000 Rohingya people have fled Rakhine since August 2017.

It’s really heartbreaking to stand helpless, watching our fellow Muslims facing all kinds of persecution while we can’t do anything to help them. However, we can use social media to draw the attention of the world to those persecuted Muslims and call for an action.

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