Role of Saudi prince in 9/11 revealed by a an offender in US Jail

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

An offender Zakaries Mausoi, who has been sentenced for life for conducting terrorist act on world trade center, revealed that it was Saudi Royal family who funded for the training of those pilots who conducted this attack. Zakaries Mausoi, 46 was among those 20 pilots who had been trained to attack World trade centre. This is not first time that Saudi Royal family has been accused for this attack but they always rebuffed such allegations and declared them fabricated and propaganda campaign against them. Meanwhile US officials also never considered such allegations. The prisoner added that plan to attack WTC was chalked bout Osama Bin Laden. Zakaries leveled these allegations in a document presented before a local court in Oklahoma. It should be mentioned that US official and Law experts opined that these allegations carry no weight because these are not considered trustworthy.

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