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Ron Paul: US midterm elections won’t change political climate

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Former US congressman and two-time Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has warned that last week’s midterm elections in the United States will not change the country’s political climate.

Paul, who is also a physician and an author, said on Monday that the November 4 elections mean “very little” despite the fact that it resulted in Republicans taking control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

“Yes, power shifted,” Paul said. “But the philosophy on Capitol Hill changed very little.”

During his four-minute-long speech broadcast through his weekly telephone address, Paul stated that having more Republicans in the Senate won’t change the way Washington will conduct business.

“Some were critical of my comment that, Republican control of the Senate equals expanded neo-con wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming,” Paul said.

“But unfortunately my fears were confirmed even sooner than I thought. Shortly after the vote, President Obama announced that he would double the number of US troops on the ground in Iraq and request another $5.6 billion to fight his war in the Middle East.”

On Friday, Obama authorized the deployment of up to 1,500 troops to Iraq, approximately doubling the force the Pentagon has built up in the country since June.

Political observers say the rise of the Republican Party is mostly because of widespread dissatisfaction with the performance of the Obama administration in his second term in office.

Some Democrats also blame Obama for their losses in the Senate, saying they were beleaguered by a deeply unpopular White House.

Political commentators say that the US political system is designed to prevent any substantial change, and that the US democracy is dominated by dollar and lacks the essential features of a real democracy.



Source: PressTV


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