Ruhullah ! look what I did for you…

SHAFAQNA – You eagerly wished annihilation in Me (fanafillah)
I blessed you with eternity with Me (baqabillah)

You walked among people (khalq) with truth (haq)
I manifested truth (haq) for the people (khalq) through you

You gave up everything for Me
I gave you everything you wished from Me

You practiced patience with Me (sabr ma’allah)
I opened the doors of hidden world (malakut) to you

You forgot yourself for Me
I made your nation (ummah) forget itself for you

You loved Me like a lover (ashiq) loving beloved (ma’shuq)
I made people love you like their beloved (ma’shuq) for Me

You didn’t write your name for Me
I made your name written everywhere for Me

You only wanted Me
I made the people want you

You said: “They are in the laps of their mothers”
I made them My soldiers (hizbollah) for you

You cried for Me
I made your lovers cry for you

You desired only that what I desired from you
I made people desire only what you wished

You became angry for Me
I made people angry for you

You forgot your pain for Me
I made people forget their pain for you

You sincerely gave your loyalty (wafa) to Me
I made people loyal (wafadar) to you

You spoke for Me
I made people speak for you

You took My enemy as yours and My friend as your friend
I made you and your army successful (faizoon) and helped you all through My spirit (Ruh)

You placed your trust (tawakkul) in Me
I made even the grains of sand* My army (jundullah) for you

You became embodiment of My fear (taqwa)
I put your fear in the hearts of My enemies

You placed all your hope in Me
I placed your hope in the hearts of oppressed people

You broke all the idols* inside your heart (qalb) to get Me
I made you Idol breaker (but shikan) of the time (zaman) for Me

You used to come alone to Me in dark nights
I made crowds of people come to you in bright days

You used the weapon of prayers (dua)
I made it hit the target for you

You were always happy with what I gave or took away from you
I made people happy with you under all conditions

You sacrificed your beloved and achieved felicity (bir)
I made people sacrifice their beloved for you

You filled your heart with My light (noor)
I made your whole existence, a guiding light (misbah al-hidaya) towards Me

Your tears flowed for Me
I flowed the tears of people for you

You secretly whispered to me in loneliness
I whispered to people through your words

You settled all your accounts with Me
I settled all your accounts with the people

You didn’t want anything from this world
I made Islamic Republic of Iran for you

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