What is the ruling about prostrating (Sijdah) on the carpet in Masjid-ul-Nabi? The Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoil’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli answered a question about prostrating (Sijdah) on the carpets of Masjid-ul-Nabi.

The Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli: There is no problem in prostrating (Sijdah) on the carpet in Masjid-ul-Nabi, and there is no need for Torbah, and it is not necessary to take any straw or similar things when there are stones in that place; and avoid actions which attracts attention and causes disrespect; but whenever can perform Salaat on stones of the Mosque easily, do not avoid this action.


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