Russia, Iran and Hezbollah military leaders release joint statement, threatens the U.S.


SHAFAQNA – The military operation rooms of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other allies have just released a new joint statement. This joint statement was spurred on by US aggression that saw the country strike the Shayrat Airbase in rural Homs with Tomahawk missiles.

The statement released in Arabic states that the allied operations room recognizes that the US is supporting the separation of northern Syria and Iraq from their respective states.

Point seven of the statement details how all US military are legitimate targets as they have crossed every red line possible and operate illegally in Syria. It then emphasizes that the joint military operations room will respond strongly to any aggression and any violation made by the US in Syria.

They they go onto reiterate their full support of the Syrian Army to fully liberate every part of Syria occupied by terrorist forces.

It then goes onto state how they will not allow a unipolar world with the United States as the dominate power to continue to impose its will across the globe.

The statement then concludes by stating that they will only increase their support for the Syrian Army to continue its fight against terrorist forces plaguing Syria.

Source: Al Masdar News

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