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Russia plan to ‘alternative’ version of Wikipedia

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Russia has announced plans to create an “alternative” version of Wikipedia to ensure the access of its citizens to more detailed and reliable information about their country.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Russian presidential library said it has commenced cooperation with the country’s National Library to develop an online encyclopedia, which will act as an “alternative to Wikipedia.”

“Analysis of this resource showed that it is not capable of providing information about the region and life of the country in a detailed or sufficient way,” said the statement.

It added that 50,000 books and archive documents from 27 different libraries around the country had already been collected for the process of establishing the alternative encyclopedia.

Alexandr Vershinin, head of the presidential library, said a virtual museum will also be included in the project, which will display regional developments across Russia, while retaining Wikipedia’s open editing feature.

Wikipedia is a free-access online encyclopedia assembled and written by Internet users around the world.

In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Internet a project controlled by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), saying his country needs to fight “for its interests” online.




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