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Ruthless US supremacy ambitions

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Mujtaba Haider Zaidi
The contemporary era international political scenario, foundation of which had been laid on the bruised corpse of heinous WWII, could rightly be viewed to be the upsurge of US phoenix out of the ashes of the inauspicious Third Reich, where the Nazis had been going to be replaced with the US supremacy and influence since early 1940′s onward. The Nazis during 1933-44 had launched the condemnable campaign of capturing and annexing the areas of sovereign states, and encircling the rivals to enforce the political system of their choice out of their wills, wishes and whims concentrating upon ruling over all humanity at large without discrimination.
Such a reprehensible attempt associated with the Nazis urged them for employing every trick and cruelty to turn their dream into reality at any cost. Consequently, human life, honour and blood did not have any meaning to them altogether; rather they just aimed to obtain domination through artillery and cannons, and by trouncing all ethical principles and canons.
Somehow, the time-duration and ruthlessness as well attributed to the Nazis was certainly far shorter than that witnessed by the Capitalist USA, network and net-worth of which has surpassed almost every powerful nation of the known human history, including the past mighty power United Kingdom and others. In addition, the activities and power-bases of the Third Reich were somewhat confined to Europe, and some parts of Far East and little areas of Africa. On the contrary, political ambitions and military operations established and launched respectively by the USA have targeted almost all geographical and ideological regions of the globe. Similarly, the Nazi Germany had comparatively far lesser destructive plans than the USA, as the latter has never missed the opportunities of causing destruction and ruination on even its friends and allies predominantly Pakistan, Nigeria, the Middle East states and several others.
Another noteworthy difference between the Third Reich and contemporary era USA included the methodology adopted by both the two. For instance, the Third Reich had adopted more explicit ways of demonstrating its enmity towards its rival community i.e. Jews during 1936-44. On the contrary, the US has always concealed its grudge, malice, abhorrence and enmity towards its opponent community i.e. Muslims, despite the bitter fact that USA has always practiced worst kind of hatred towards the Muslim community in all international issues including Israel-Palestine conflict, Kashmir problem, Iraq and Afghanistan unrest, Iran-Iraq War, and several others as well. Hence, not only this that the US always started worst military operations against the Muslims by invading their states, imposing sanctions on them and creating chaos, bloodshed and disorder within these countries in the name of peace and stability; but also the purported super-power has introduced the strategies that aimed at turning the Muslim world to be completely dependent and reliant of US strategic, economic and political aid and support. As a result, a large majority of the Muslim states look absolutely unable to introduce and implement the external and internal policies of their choice within their respective jurisdictions.
The list of offences inflicted by US on humanity is far lengthier than that of Third Reich. One of the worst crimes committed by the USA against the Muslim community included the penetration of stone-hearted and monster miscreants and terrorists on the soils of Muslim states. The US and its NATO allies have provided military trainings, huge funding, strategic support and every type of unconditional help to the miscreants against their services in respect of targeting and ruining the true image of Islam. The characterless miscreants and terrorists have been guised as purported mujaheddin, which apparently look determined to establish Muslim political system in various parts of the world, predominantly in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan and other countries; however, in reality, they have turned out to be the killers of Muslims. Hence, the nefarious campaign launched by the miscreants is tantamount to weaken the community by inflicting terrorism on the countries that are already Muslims, and thus, these miscreants did not have any hatred for the non-Muslim countries altogether. What a great service they have rendered in the sacred name of Islam!!!!!!
The Muslim nation-states look helpless in respect of combating with the challenges the agents and cat’s paws of the big powers appear to be inflicting upon the civilians as well as security personnel of several countries. The Pentagon-trained extremist miscreants serve as the bleakest mar on the face of humanity, which look resolute to spill Muslim blood on the earth by brutally massacring the people of God in the holy name of faith. These miscreants had committed indescribable crimes against men, women, elderly, children, and actually humanity in general. They brutally torture and slaughter the humans, gang rape the women and children, agonise the elderly, and claim to be the members of the Muslim community. These wicked and brutal miscreants did not have any concern with humanity or Islam altogether; rather, they just want to eliminate the sacred name of Islam from the face of the earth with the help and aid of Pentagon war machine and anti-Muslim funds allocated by the enemies of Islam and peace for the annihilation of true successors of Islam. Thus, the miscreants will commit wickedness by attacking Muslim state of Pakistan and others, as their nefarious struggle is confined to hurting and killing the Muslims only, and hence they would not go against the infidel altogether.
The Muslim world must realise that NATO and its allies serve as heartless wolf in sheep’s clothing, which would never miss the slightest chances of defaming and destroying the Muslim community. The Muslim world must also realise that their survival now relies just upon strengthening the hands of the anti-NATO forces and countries, predominantly the Russian Federation. It was the Russian leadership that had barred the NATO from invading Syria by Aug-Sept 2013, and hence stopped it from causing the killing of thousands of Muslims in cold blood. Since the NATO is aware of the reality that Russia would not allow it to launch further military operations against the Muslim states of Iran, Syria and others, the USA has established its military bases all around the Russian Federation, just to thwart Russia, and forbid it to create obstacles on the way of projecting, promoting and patronising terrorism all over the Muslim world. The NATO military bases have been established in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan in South and South East of Russia, and the country has been encircled by the NATO military bases established in Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others in West and South West of Russia. Moreover, the NATO also provokes Ukraine and other neighbours and allies of Russia to turn their side in favour of NATO and against Russia, so that the strategic supremacy of USA could be sustained forever. Such a condemnable campaign exercised by the NATO would weaken Russia, Iran, Pakistan and other peace-seeking sovereign states, and may lead to further spread of endless bloodshed and inestimable losses in men and material subsequently for the future days to come.

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