Sa’ada under attack – Saudi Arabia is committing genocide

SHAFAQNA – Hours after issuing civilians in Sa’ada, Yemen an evacuation warning, the Koingdom unleashed its missiles onto this northern province of Yemen, knowing fully well that tens of thousands of women and children were unable to flee.
Missiles have rained throughout the night in Sa’ada, laying waste to Yemen highlands, the ancestral home of the Houthis.
While it is impossible at this time to estimate just how many people lost their life, the viciousness of this attack underlines the hatred Saudi Arabia harbors for northern Yemen on account its people belong to Zaidi Islam, a branch of Shia Islam.
Labelled as apostate by Wahhabi Islam, an ascetic and reactionary branch of Sunni Islam, the Wahhabis have conducted a crusade against Yemen Zaidis for several decades now. This April it culminated in the brutal attack of Sa’ada.
Looking at Sa’ada burn it is evident Saudi Arabia seeks to destroy Yemen and turn its people into its vassal.
Activists in Yemen have already accused the Kingdom of genocide.

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