Safeer TV

SHAFAQNA – In their own words:

Safeer means ambassador. We aim to serve the community through producing innovative and contemporary media which sets to entertain, inform and educate all ages.  With the headquarters in the suburbs of London, UK and offices in Iran and Iraq, Safeer is engaging across the globe to create content which is relevant and exciting to the British viewership.

We are one of the fastest growing Muslim broadcasters with a fresh and proven solution that can cater for our religious and social needs.  We are a dynamic young team that craft content which is set to be a breath of fresh air through infotainment. All of productions are conceieved inhouse  and executed with the modern techniques to create stunning and enthusing productions.

With service at our core, we aim to create a platform for unity and collective servitude within the greater community.

Thus, to ensure compliance with the teachings of the Ahlulbayt, under the guardianship of Hujjat Ibn Hassan, Imam Mahdi (AJTFS)There is a special council setup – The Religious Advisory Council which oversees and regulates the content being aired.

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