Saudi Arabia targets late Sheikh Hussein Baddreddin Al Houthi’s resting place

SHAFAQNA – Saudi Arabia has stepped up airstrikes against the Shi’ite Houthi group’s positions in Yemen in response to cross-border attacks targeting Saudi cities.

Aerial bombings from the Saudi-led international coalition targeted the northern province of Saada, which is the stronghold of the Houthis, destroying a land-mine factory, a telecommunications complex and command centers.

But the attacks did not stop there. Under strict orders from Riyadh war planes began targeting  densely populated area on Thursday evening , intent on inflicting as much damage as possible – the idea was to lay waste to the entire Sa’ada province, regardless of the human cost this would entail.

Saudi Arabia went as far as target Sheikh Hussein Baddreddin Al Houthi’s grave in Sa’ada. As Ammar Basha, a Yemeni activist noted, “Nothing speaks louder than hate. When a foreign power resorts to targeting cemeteries it is quite clear they wish to inflict pain and destroy … it has nothing to do with restoring Yemen legitimate leadership. The Saudis are running an ethnic cleansing campaign against Yemen Zaidis and there is no way around this.”

Basha is not alone is accusing Saudi Arabia of war crimes.

Earlier this Thursday the Kingdom called on all residents in Sa’ada to evacuate their homes as air raids will lay waste the entire province. With no fuel to allow for their evacuation, Yemenis find themselves trapped, defenseless before Saudi Arabia’s vengeful anger. Tens of thousands of women and children stand to die this evening and the western powers have remained silent.

Hussein Al Bokheti, a Houthi activist and political commentator took to Twitter to warn that the Saudis were using cluster bombs filled with white Phospherus, a chemical weapon which has been banned under international law. The only other power to have used such weapon on civilian populations since the Vietnam was has been Israel.

Now the Saudis are following suit.




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