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Saudi bombing of Yemen market kills at least 24; UN Urges Peace Talks

SHAFAQNA- Saudi warplanes have bombed a bustling marketplace in Yemen’s extreme northwest, killing at least 24 people, the al-Masirah television reports. 

The aircraft hit the al-Moshnaq market in Sa’ada Province’s Shada’a District Saturday night as people gathered to buy staples for Eid al-Fitr, a festivity which marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

The network said the casualty figure could rise because the aircraft kept bombing after relief teams arrived at the scene.

The report said some of the fatalities have already been identified as relief workers, who died trying to reach the marketplace amid continued bombing.

the United Nations Security Council put forward a Presidential Statement reiterating “grave concern” for the humanitarian situation and reiterating their call for a ceasefire and peaceful dialogue.

“The Security Council expresses grave concern about the devastating humanitarian impact of the conflict on civilians and emphasises that the humanitarian situation will deteriorate in the absence of a political solution,” Bolivia’s Sacha Llorenti, who is currently president of the Security Council said.

In the statement, Llorenti called on involved parties to distinguish between civilian and military targets, avoid harming civilian infrastructure, to comply with all international law, and allow for humanitarian supplies and personel to move in and out of Yemen unhindered by leaving ports and airports open.

The Security Council also called for the “immediate mobilisation” of humanitarian aid funds to Yemen.

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