Saudi court delayed trial Shiekh Nimor till 15 Oct.2014

SHAFAQNA – The political activist Mohammed Nemor «brother Sheikh» through his account in Twitter said : court delayed «trial for final verdict», noting that it will continue to deal positively to message of delay for «non-security» deal. According to the lawyer, Dr. Sadik Jabran that the reason for the postponement of the trial till 15 Oct.2014 , not bringing Sheikh Nimr to the court without giving reasons.
The criminal court in Riyadh decided during its last meeting, on the first of September now, the closure of the pleadings in the case of Sheikh Nimr, who faced serious charges, the most prominent “out on the Guardian” and “the use of arms” in the face of the security forces.
The case of Sheikh Tiger, which began classes since his arrest on July 8, 2012, had been waiting for the day the verdict after 12 sessions presented by the prosecutor accused him of his claim against the Sheikh

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