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Saudi Forces Assaults on Ashura Manifestations in Qatif

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SHAFAQNA- Saudi forces have launched attacks on the Ashura commemoration in the eastern region of Qatif, while civil sources said the forces arrested a number of citizens active in the preparations for the season of Ashurara.

According to Bahrain Al-Youm, the attacks were carried out in Saudi Arabia in the towns of Qatif county, including the town of Awamiyah, which spread in the neighborhoods from which the Husseiniya events and processions began, and the forces demolished and broke a number of catering stalls, and prevented Husayniyah places from installing their own catering stalls, and threatened to crack on them in case they set up reception stalls for mourners or raise flags of Ashura outside of Husayniyah. The have also prevented the Husayniyah “Myas” in Qatif, which is known for its historical heritage, from establishing their annual catering site or raising the flags of Imam Hussein bin Ali outside the Husayniayah.

The authorities also prevented the Imam Hussein Foundation in the city of Sayhat from raising the banners of Ashura outside the building, and prohibited the establishment of any hosting place for Husseini mourners.

The attacks on the town of Awwamiya was focused on its catering places and the manifestations of the Ashura revival. The attacks were observed in Al-Amara neighborhood and Al-Samaha square. Similar attacks were also observed in the town of Al-Aujam.

Media sources said that the authorities arrested at least seven citizens known for their religious and social activities in the revival of the Ashura during the past two days, and launched a campaign of arrests last week in different parts of Qatif.

The official sect in Saudi Arabia denies Shi’a citizens and describes their beliefs as polytheists, and the Shia community in the eastern part of the country is facing policies of religious persecution and sectarian discrimination, in conjunction with campaigns of sectarian incitement and hatred that are prevalent in textbooks, public speaking platforms and media outlets loyal to the Saudi regime.

During the July and August military attacks on the destroyed walled neighborhood of Awamiya, Saudi forces raised anti-Shiite banners, stormed mosques and Husayniyahs in the town, and stomped into religious buildings, danced and chanted slogans.

Source: Bahrain Al-Youm

Translation: Shafaqna

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