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Saudi forces attacked on the tents of mourning for Imam Hussain (AS) in Safwa City

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SHAFAQNASaudi forces were sent to the city of Safwa on Wednesday to remove some tents of mourning for Imam Hussain (AS)  and reception sites for mourners of Imam Hussain (AS) .

According to informed sources, Saudi forces suddenly attacked on these places without any notice. Al-Saud’s security pressures on Saudi Shiites in Qatif and Al Ahsa are increasing day by day.

The authorities have intensified the restrictions on Shiites in these areas simultaneous with the month of Muharram which has a high status for the Shiites.

According to local sources, These actions are being taken while Saudi officials have promised a lot about creating reforms in the community. But provocative actions against the Shiites of the country are increasing day by day. And officials in this country are trying to marginalize Shiites.

Source: Shafaqna Persian

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